“...some photographs need not be explained. The author of “Manifest Rites”, Bill Davis admits in his statement that his images “exist as a stream or current which cannot be described within the context of portraiture. Most of the work is a response to the culture and ritual of the citizens of Prague. “If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Prague is the city that never wakes up”, writes Davis. He also said that in this context he realized his favorite method of depicting black and white photography was by creating allegories in the studio. We wonder what Bill Davis will find in his images during his visit to Kharkiv.”
Vremia • Review for Group Exhibit • Kahrkiv, Ukraine • 1999 • Puriakovskaya
Translated by Guennadi Maslov
Ukrainian Exhibit • Presented in conjunction with speech to American Ambassador to Ukraine and mayors to Kharkiv and Cincinnati.
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