Collegiate Objective
       The reason I chose to come to college and to this great University was to build my knowledge and education to become the best and most knowledgable person I can possibly be. College is rough, and it is rough for a reason, I know that there will be hiccups along the way but the key is to get through all that and succeed, if that is done you will better yourself as a student, person, and member of the community. College is a great opportunity that many people don't have the priveledge of experiencing, the key is to not sleep on any of those opportunities and take advantage of all the great opportunities that college grants you.
       My goal has always been to score a successful job in something I enjoy and earn a promising living. I believe that going to college here gives me the best chance for that to occur, it is rigorous and could take 5 + years for me to get through it all, but when it is all said and done I will look back at this being one of the best experiences of my life for a multitude of reasons but most of all because it made me the man that I have always wanted to become.