Homeschooling is an idea that is becoming moved and more popular. Homeschooling is occurs when parents take charge of their children’s education; therefore, home schooling is legal in all fifty states. Moreover, home schooled children consistently score very highly on standardized tests and other measures of academic performance. Over a million American children are currently taught at home, and the number grows every year (Allan & Richard, 2009 pp 68). Therefore, this research is will provide important homeschooling statistics, the advantages of homeschooling, and disadvantages of homeschooling. according to the National Household Education Surveys 1999program by U.S department of education . Statistics show us how homeschooling has increased since 1999(1.5 Million Homeschooled, 2007).   In 1999 there were just 290 students in homeschooling, which was very low number(Beato, 2005). Since than, homeschooling has become very popular in every state in America; therefore, in 2007 NHES survey shows that 1.5 million (1,508,00) students were homeschooled in spring of 2007 which is an incredible increased . Moreover, 1.1 million students how were homeschooled in the Springs of 2003and 2004(Beato, 2005). However, 1.5 is the best estimate number in 2007 which is a 95% increase (1.5 Million Homeschooled, 2007).

                                          Social networking has changed in many ways

        First of all, social networking has changed in many ways how are created jobs; in addition, Lisa Bernard Kuhn (2011) mentioned in her article that social networking has essential changes in searching for jobs and hiring workers in companies. According to the recent studies, each group of five people has at least one person starting searches for a job through social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to find his or her job. According to Rich Struble (2009), a vice president with Kelly services, nowadays unlike old days, we used to search for jobs in Sunday’s paper. In addition, because social media is changing quickly, it gives the ability to communicate immediately between employees and job owners. Also, companies are starting in a serious way to improve the use of social media in hiring people (Kuhn, 2011). One day this writer was dispirit to find a job after high school, so a friend told him to go online and search for a job. Moreover, he found one immediately and applied for it, two days later he got the job. When considering demerit of Facebook for the finding job, there are too much information to find job so that people can’t choose suitable jobs. Usually, people who are hunting the job apt to go to big company, thus it also come up inclination of talented person