Collegiate Objective

On a personal level, I am entering college at WMU to become more independent and to learn more about this vast world. Coming from a small town I feel like for much of my life I was exposed to only a few types of people. By going to college I am hoping to meet and learn from people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This will broaden my understanding of this world which I have been exposed to so little of. I am excited to make new friends and have amazing experiences with these new friends that will someday turn into stories I will look back on with joy. Besides that, living away from my parents will teach me valuable skills, that will hopefully one day turn me into an independent adult.
On a Professional level, I want to learn enough about my selected major to get a decent career. I really have no aspiration to become rich, live in a mansion, drive a fancy car, or earn a six digit salary. However, I would like to be able to live comfortably in a house big enough to raise a small family and I believe that this dream will be easier to achieve with a college degree. College will also allow to start networking and becoming aquainted with people who can help me succeed in my future. I also hope that college makes me a better learner and will help me easily adapt to whatever career I end up going in to.