Technology: Bringing Business Into the Future

Can you imagine a business world with no electronic banking? Where international meetings often required hundreds or even thousands of miles of traveling? This is a world we would be living in today if it was not for computer technology. The world of IT, or information technology, revolves around knowing how to maintain and work with the various technologies employed by modern day businesses. This makes an IT specialist necessary to keep almost any business, from your local WalMart, to big city corporations, running smoothly. An IT specialist needs to know how to maintain the technology of a business and keep it running smoothly just as a general supervisor or manager keeps his employees in line and working. Both technology and people are vital to nearly any business and an IT specialist is a sort of bridge between the world of people and the world of technology. From fixing printers to maintaining networks that can host a nearly infinite amount of data, an IT specialist is tasked with handeling a variety of technological problems that can occur around the workplace. This is a good career to enter into not only because of the value an IT specialist already possesses, but because this value can only grow in the future. We live in a world where technology is advancing faster than most people can even keep up with, for instance, Anoop Verma writes about video conferencing software, "IFFCO implemented first desktop based video conferencing in the year 2000. It has graduated to studio based system in 2006. Today, it has facilities to interact with 20 sites in one go. It has setup Video Conferencing facilities in all Units and State Marketing Offices, about 25 in number. The setup is used for Departmental Promotions, Board Meetings, AGMs, Reviews, Training, Policy Rollouts and even various event inaugurations. The ROI was achieved during first year of its implementations itself. Besides it has installed about 800 VOIP instruments for free interaction in the organisation." (Verma, 2014) However, video conferencing isnt the only thing making huge advancements over the last few years. Just a decade ago servers were much less powerful than a modern day cell phone. Now we have network servers that boast specs such as, "Each 4U-3Node platform houses an impressive 48, high-capacity, 3.5 inch hard drives. In addition, there are three independent, dual-socket system boards, supporting E52600 v2 processors, with up to 256GB of DDR3 memory, and an embedded LSI 3108 12 Gbps storage controller." (Smith, 2014) Technology is advanving faster and faster every day and with it the need for people who have knowledge of that technology will only increase.


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