Collegiate Objective

I am entering college to experience school and life independently to help myself expand my horizons. I am determined to find out more about myself and what the true college independance is really about. I want to succeed and live a different life style than what I grew up in. I am looking to develop skills in order to obtain in my professional career and in my daily tasks in which I can use. I know that I will come upon mistakes through out college that I will learn from. I know by the end of college, I will have a good job and friends that have stuck by my side throughout my college career.

Overall I am hoping my venture over the next couple of years will bring  as a profession as well as a person in general.
On a professional level, I want a stable career that I find joy in. On my way I have many goals to achieve. I want to make a difference and be known among others as someone who stands out within my profession. I have made the deans list my past year of college and hope to the next few years of my college career. I am hoping my friends and family that I surround myself with support my furture work and school goals and support me along my way. I want to gain connections throughout my future careers and  friends. I am hoping Western Michigan Universtiy accels my knowldege to create a platform that will make myself successful.