Having an interest in switching my major to journalism- I researched one of the topics that I could write for a current event article

Russia Cracks Down on Homosexuals

Many controversies are happening all over the world. Not all-global news has reached the ears of everyone. One unresolved issue that has happened over the past year in Russia that people who have not heard about it, should.  A recent law has been put into place by Russia’s parliament to refrain the rights of gay propaganda and adopting children by gay couples. Two to the laws that Vladimir Putin has set in place, it has caused major disagreements that have affected most countries around the world.  Due to this current turn of events of setting laws that banned homosexual propaganda and single along with couples adopting children throughout Russia and other countries, this has caused boycotting throughout the world and has caused a substantial amount of tension between people and businesses.

During the summer of June 2013, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had passed a federal law, which banned gay propaganda. According to Miriam Elder a writer of The Guardian in Moscow Russia states, “The law in effect makes it illegal to equate straight and gay relationships, as well as the distribution of material on gay rights. It introduces fines for individuals and media groups found guilty of the law breaking, as well as special fines for foreigners.” This event that has been occurring has been admitted to be one of the top cruelest human rights act in the Soviet, according to the International rights groups. In addition to this new law, another law had been set in place shortly after which allows Russian police to jail people who act against the law. Their consequences can cost them up to three years of incarceration. This law was put in place due to the people who speak openly about their relationships with same sex couples, which “offends” people of certain religions. In relation to the recent troubles between the Soviet government and the open minded people of the world a book called Reconstructing Gender by Estelle Dish shares, “Based on religious principles, institution receiving federal funds are allowed to discriminate in hiring, violating various antidiscrimination laws” (Disch 2009). Due to this law having been passed, Russia’s marginalized liberal and human rights communities have been tremendously criticizing the decision. People who show affection to each other in public, within the privacy of their own homes should have the right to live their life the way they want. The state or country that a person lives in should not dictate a person’s sexual preference.

In the summer of July 2013, Vladimir Putin had added another law to his banning against the homosexual community. It consists of any Russian-born child that is put up for adoption, cannot be adopted by any gay couple or a single gay person that resides within Russia or any country in the world. According to The New York Times article, Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown written by Harvey Fierstien stated, “It is rumored that Mr. Putin is about to sign an edict that would remove children from their own families if the parents are either gay or lesbian or suspected of being gay or lesbian. The police would have the authority to remove children from adoptive homes as well as from their own biological parents” (Fierstien). This law and rumored statements that are taking place within Russia, people are affected by this situation and are being treated unfairly.

Russia has taken a stand with their new law enforcements of the homosexuality propaganda and adopting regulations to an entirely new level. Several countries are supporting the gay and lesbian rights issues against the soviets. The political fall out has sent a global boycott against governor Putin’s new government laws. Society has rebelled by boycotting the stocking, purchasing or consuming any type of Russian vodka. This act has led to the numerous has lead to numerous liquor establishments gay bars in the United States and Canada to pledge to the operation as well. According to Sam Masters article "No Equal Rights, No Vodka Nights: Gay Clubs Boycott Russian Imports” that was published in The Independent Newspaper in the UK stated, “The worldwide boycott was launched by the US writer and activist Dan Savage, who urged bars to “dump Russian vodka” to “show solidarity with Russian queers and their allies”. Stolichnaya and Russian Standard are the brands being targeted in Britain by prominent gay club and bar operators” (Masters). With the attempt to boycott Russia, this is showing a statement that, Russia’s decision on creating this law makes a substantial impact on people all over the world. Creating this a law prohibits people who have identified their own sexual preferences who they believe people to ban their own feelings and the world turns against Russia to ban their imports, which truly affects their economy and exports. This shows that not only does this affect the people in Russia, but affects people whom across the world. People who live life with loving people should not have to be put in a situation that a government with put them in jail for the way they feel towards a person.

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