Collegiate Objective
Personally, I decided to attend college because I think that obtaining a degree is the only way I'll be happy when im older.
It is possible to make money and live a good life with out a degree but there's not a job out there that I'm interested in
that doesnt require a degree in something. I also decided to come to college to make new connections and new friends.
I feel that you can never have to many resources or friends so this aspect is very important to me. While going to college
I know that it'll be hard, on top of very stressful, but I know I can work all the way through it to achive what I want to achive.
Professionally, I'd like to obtain at least one internship before I graduate. I feel that this will give me a leg up in experience
and with future employers. I'd like to get on the deans list for at least one whole year. I hope to achive more than just the skills
taught to me. I want to achive things and learn skills on time outside of school as well. I feel that constantly immersing yourself
in what you want to do is the only way to be the best in your field, and be the most desireable canidate. After college I'm sure
I'll have a job lined up because I chose a top tier university with a lot of resources and because I have the desire and motivation
to suceed.