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Coach Davis

On January 19th, 1986, I was born in the, at the time, booming city of Flint, Michigan. I was my mother's first child and, at the time everything was rough due to her young age and no support from my father. She then met a man whom she later married. After the marriage, he adopted me and in 1990, we moved to California as my father pursued his career in the Army. On May 24th, 1991, my younger brother was born in Fort Irwin, California.
My dad was deployed to Germany in 1993, which is when my we moved to Las Vegas for a few months until later going to Germany to be with my dad. After 6 long months, my parents divorced and my mother, brother, and I moved to North Carolina where we had some friends in the area. After living in Beaufort, North Carolina until my 5th grade summer, we decided as a family to move back up to Michigan where our family was still located.
In my first year of school in Michigan, I attended Bentley Middle School located in Burton, Michigan. After about a semester there, I decided that it was not a good school for my interests nor did it meet any expectations academically; therefore I transferred to my mother's alma matar, Kearsley High School.
After a few weeks of learning the school and the students, I realized it was the perfect fit. Kearsley High School is where I participated in both basketball and baseball from 7th-12th grade. As a member of the 2003-2004 Varsity Basketball team, I served as a captain with 3 other seniors (Manningham, Galvas, Fetters). We ended up taking a broken program that did not win a single game our junior year to winning 5 in 2003-2004. It may not seem like a big turnaround (+5), but when your program is in the dumps and you play in one of the top conferences in the entire country, it is difficult for people to understand how difficult wins can be in the conference. Even our out-of-conference schedule was tough; therefore there was a good chance the season could have resulted in winning 0 games once again.
Following my high school athletic career, my options were that of most 18 year old young men graduating high school. I could either stay home and go to community college, go away to college, or I could find a job and work. My option was to stay home with my family. At the time, it was difficult to make ends meet and I was not mature enough to handle life on my own away from home. I stayed home and attended Mott Community College full time for 2 years while working in the Informational Technology department.
After my two years at MCC were finished, I continued my education at Grand Valley State University, located in Allendale, Michigan. After 2.5 years at GVSU, I graduated in December of 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology/Sociology. My goal was to graduate college with a 4-year degree, but with the economy being as terrible as it was and still is today, there was no way I could step into the workforce and find a full-time job; therefore graduate school was my other option.
It is a bit pricey, and risky due to the interest rates of loans, but to do something I loved and have the education to back it up (coaching or being part of a sports organization), I had to earn a master's degree. With all that had happened in my life, I knew the one thing I was sure about was a career in sports. Never did I receive much guidance, so research and dedication is what pulled through and at the end of my journey of education, I hope to find a position within a college/university/organization that values my skills and dedication as an employee and individual.

Kearsley High School
High School Diploma
C/O 2004
Mott Community College
Transferrable Credits
Grand Valley State University
Bachelor of Science-Behavioral Science
C/O 2008
Western Michigan University
Master of Science-Health Physical Education and Rec.
C/O 2011


Coaching History
Kearsley Youth Basketball Co-Head Coach
Coaching younger brother
Kearsley Youth Baseball Assistant Coach
Taking team to finals in first year

Kearsley Winter Girl's Basketball Head Coach  
(Kettering League)

Coaching alone for first time and taking team to championship game after finishing in a tie for 4th in the regular season
Emmanuel Boy's Basketball Co-Head Coach (18U)
Taking the fundamentals of high school basketball to the outreach program. Finished 1st place in the league both years and lost at the buzzer in the finals in the second year of my stint
Kearsley Varsity Local Travel Summer League
Able to coach some of the guys that were part of the program while I was on varsity
Mid-State Spring Boy's Basketball Head Coach 
After finishing regular season in 6th place, we went on to beat the team whom had beat us 2 times in the regular season by a combined point total of 41
Flint Lady Titans CANUSA Basketball
Lost in championship to Flint-Hamady (State Champions) by 2 points. We lost two regular season games to Hamady be 36 and 15
Allendale Freshmen Girl's Basketball/Varsity Assistant
Took a team that had never won a game and a team that lost their top 2 scorers and implemented ways to improve as a team. Wins were difficult to come by, but the message was clear
Grand Rapids Creston JV Boy's Baseball Head Coach
Took a team who had never played baseball for the most part both individually and as a team to win 6 games in one of the most competitive conferences in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Christian JV Boy's Baseball Head Coach

Took a team who had a winning percentage of just over .300 to a second place tie in the conference with East Grand Rapids

Overall Coaching Record

5 Year Career


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