09/03 – present   Western Michigan University     Kalamazoo, MI
Doctorate course in progress   Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
09/00 – 06/03      Howard University                     Washington, DC
Master of Engineering                                      Mechanical Engineering
09/95 – 06/99      Southeast University                    Nanjing, China
Bachelor of Engineering                                          Power Engineering














09/03 – present   Research Assistant   CFD Laboratory, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
∙ Numerically simulate the deformation of inter-woven carbon nanotube web by finite element method in combined with atomic potential functions.
∙ Wrote FORTRAN code to implement augmented Burnett equations to improve the stability of the code which was originally developed using conventional Burnett equations for the calculations of micro fluidic channel flow problems. 

01/05 – present   Graduate Instructor  Fundamentals of Fluid Mechancis (AAE 371), Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
∙ Responsible for teaching an undergraduate class of 28 people.

07/04 – 12/04 Teaching Assistant  Machine Design (ME 365),   Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
∙ Led weekly problem sessions and guided students with their projects.

09/00 – 05/03 Research Assistant  Howard University,  Washington, DC
∙ Wrote FORTRAN code to simulate the hypersonic flow field around a blunt body and successfully fitted the bow shock wave.


Familiar with FLUENT, GAMBIT, UNIX, LINUX, Parallel computing, Fortran, and C languages

Conference and Publication

Yang Yang, William W. Liou, “Comparison of Computational and Experimental Aerodynamics Results for a WMU Solar Car Model”, SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers) 2005 World Congress, Detroit, MI