Dombo Rats, Fancy Rats, and More Rats

Often misunderstood, pet rats are a great adition to any home.

They are very clean, easy to care for, and one of the most friendly of all small animals.

Like dogs, they are very companionable, and love to interact with you.

Some also like to lick and nibble to show their affection.

Domestic rats are very social animals who are always ready for play time.

Although it is possible to have just one rat, they thrive when they have a buddy to help clean eachother and cuddle with for nap time.

They get the majority of their exercise from human interaction, and running around outside of their cage.

Most rats are very smart, sometimes smarter than dogs, and can be taught tricks.

There are two breeds of domestic rat; fancy, and dumbo.

Fancy rats have smaller ears, while dumbo rats have larger, round ears resembling an elephants.



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