Collegiate Objective
College isn't just about the education, it's about the expericences, growth, independence, and maturity that most students gain. As a transfer student to Western Michigan University I learned a lot about myself before I moved. Now as a student being accepted to the Haworth College of Business for the Integrated Supply Management I have high goals and expectations for myself on a personal and eduacational level. I expect to still be close friends with the few people that I have good relationships with now. I also would like to have ongoing professional relationships with the professors in my program even after graduation, I would really like to be able to provide them with valuable feedback for the program.
On an educational level the first ongoing achievement I would like to maintain is my 4.0 GPA. I have worked extremely hard to go the extra mile in all of my classes, including general education classes, to maintain my exemplary GPA. I would also like to graduate early with high academic honors in the Fall of 2015. I know that to achieve these goals it will require a lot of effort, time, and responsibility but I believe that these goals are attainable. My last goal would be to explore the three different areas of supply chain a little bit more before I graduate in order to decide which area I would be most suited for in a career. I hope to use all of these smaller goals to have a few large corporations interested in employing me after graduation.