Supply Chain Management is currently one of the faster growing fields within the business world. This field has not existed very long but is of increasing importance. According to an article written in the International Journal of Operations & Production Management, “Supply chain management (SCM) has emerged as one of the primary factors in determining the competitiveness of organizations.” As a student in this program I see this as a promising future for myself.

One of the goals of supply chain personnel is to increase efficiency and deliver superior operational performance. To do accomplish this goal supply chain managers must be equipped with the right skills. Some of these skills are: organization, teamwork, strategic planning, communication, and broad financial skills. Although those are just a few of the many skills that SCM graduates are equipped with, WMU equips students with additional skills that other programs do not. WMU requires students to take basic engineering classes in addition to marketing and management classes. These engineering classes can help in a multitude of ways. From personal experience I know that they have helped me to understand the parts that I am selling to customers at my internship. The parts we sell are very complex and can be difficult to understand, with an engineering background I can supply my customers with a better understanding of what I am providing for them.

According to Zhang Wei in his article titled The Importance of Supply Chain Management, “the implementation of supply chain management and control can facilitate information sharing, and enable enterprises to maintain a high degree of market sensitivity. With the use of supply chain knowledge businesses become more competitive and often times more profitable.



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