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Ever since I was little I looked up to my 3 big brother, they are huge role models in my life. All my family ever did was play sports non-stop, I would go from sport to sport because I just loved be active and playing sports like my big brothers. When I came here from where I was born, the first thing I did was go to a ballpark. One day when I became old enough to think about my future, I said that I wanted to play softball in college. I knew it was going to be hard work and along with keeping up with schook work, it would bascially take up all the time in the day. So here I am today, playing softball for Western Michigan Softball. Everyday is a challenge, but all 17 girls are my sisters that help me get through the tough days just like my 3 older brothers did when I played all the other sports when I was younger.If you have a dream of doing or being someone when you're older, try to achieve it because in the end it is worth it and would regret not doing what you love in the end.

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