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My name is Lesy Schalk, I am a Sophomore here at Western Michigan University studying recreation. I also am number 14 for Western Michigan Softball. One activitie I like to participate in is, watching Tv. My favorite Tv show are Friends, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, and Greys Anatomy. Also I love to go up to my Aunt and Uncles cottage in White Hall, Michigan. It is the one place where you can go and relax, enjoy family, at any point during the year. Summer, fall, Spring and Winter, it is really not a cottage it is basically a house. I love spending time up there just to get away from things.All I really do there is jet ski, boat, and soak up the sun. There is a great place we go eat at least once during the times we go there called Old Channel Inn. Last, I love my job, it is the best enviorment to be in. I work at a boat marina in my hometown. I get to fill boats up with gas, which is great tip money, clean boats, and just enjoy all the big boaters that I see everyday. I love Mexican food and there is this really amazing pizza place where I live back home. The one thing that I live by everyday and gets me through the hard time is family first no matter what.


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December 6, 2012 8:10 AM