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Title: Microsoft Pushes Bing Pulse Instant Polling

Author:  Shira Ovide

Issue: 1263

Date Published:  December 3 2014

Summary:  Bing Pulsecould be put to use by lawyers looking for quick feedback in mock trials, conference organizers polling attendees on questions to ask panelists while they're on stage, or sports networks testing whether fans agree with a baseball umpire's call. Companies like Microsoft, Twitter and survey tool SurveyMonkey seek to give people and organizations much quicker feedback from people who might ignore traditional telephone polling or market research efforts. Microsoft gained visibility for the technology in the past couple of years by allying with TV networks including CNN, which featured Bing Pulse viewer polls on its "magic wall" during this year's election season.Title: Microsoft Gets 'Minecraft'—Not the Founders

Author: Shira Ovide

Publication:  Wall street Journal

Vol: 208, Is. 1

Date: December 1st 2014


The software giant's $2.5-billion deal to buy Mojang AB, maker of the "Minecraft" videogame, gives Microsoft an entertainment property whose devoted fans dress up like game characters, pack YouTube with how-to guides and rush to sign up for "Minecraft"-themed summer camps.


If the $2 billion deal for the maker of Minecraft goes through, the mobs, skeletons, zombies and most importantly the company's customer base of more than 50 million, would give Microsoft access to a young, hip demographic it has struggled to attract.


Microsoft is betting the popularity of "Minecraft," which lets people use Lego-like blocks to create lush digital worlds, can lure more people to the company's struggling Windows smartphone system, and draw into its orbit a younger crop of users and software developers