Collegiate Objective

College, why people want to be in college? Why would people want to waste their 4 years of life being in college? I would not consider being in college is a waste of time and money. There are so many things that we can gain through college. Example: independency, reaches for your dreams, pursuit a career, and the most important is education.

As a nursing major student, I would like to gain knowledge and the skills that would help me on the path through my career. I would want to have a nursing degree, and this will make me a better rounded person.  I know that it will be a rough path but I know that my family will be there to encourage going through this difficult road of live.

Being here in college is a really important mission, not just for my family but for me and my future. A degree is really important for me and family. I don’t want to struggle to find a job, paying bills and bring food to family as I grow up. I know that only education can help me to avoid these problems.