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SW 6790: Advanced Field Education in PP&A
School of Social Work
Faculty Field Liaison : Yvonne A. Unrau

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Required Readings

Course readings for students will vary depending on the field placement setting, the recommendations made by field instructors or the field liaison, and individualized student learning goals.

The major topics of the course are indicated by the course objectives (see Course Overview), and students should endeavor to find readings that advance their learning in each topic area. Students may also find it helpful to refer to the PP&A 2nd Year MSW Student Practicum Evaluation Form (Note: this link requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) for direction on possible reading topics.

Students are strongly encouraged to read a wide variety of sources and to develop a reading list that includes but is not limited to:

  • Professional Literature: include both theoretical and empricial reading selections (e.g., academic journals, credible web site publications, professional newsletters, professional conference papers);
  • Organizational Materials:. agency or program information (e.g., annual reports, policy manuals, training manuals, completed grant proposals); and,
  • Reference Materials: agency or program standards (e.g., accreditation standards, NASW professional ethics, ethical standards of other relevant disciplines, grant applications or guidelines).


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