Lost Worlds and Archaeology 

An 110
 A Distance Education Course 1999
Allen Zagarell
Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University
Office: 109 Moore Hall
Office hours:
email: zagarell@wmich.edu 

Required Texts: T. Douglas Price and Gary Fineman 1997 Images of the Past. Mayfield 2nd Edition

Required Videos: There are five videos for required viewing.  You may get them from the Department of Distance Education by submitting a video request card which will be sent to you.

Course Objectives: To follow the long road of adaptation, development and complexity through the medium of archeological research.  To appreciate the diversity of past human experiences.  To follow the multiple paths of change of past societies.  To understand some of the methods utilized to discover those pathways.

Requirements and Expectations: Doall lesson and Web assignments (see table below).  There are six lesson assignments.  You are required to do all of them.  The assignments represent 60 percent of the total grade.  A single research paper, and a comprehensive exam will each represent an additional 20 percent of final grade.
Please note: Any evidence of academic dishonesty, copying other people's assignments or plagiarizing papers will lead to immediate failure.
You can submit the written assignments to me by email. (Send Mail to Zagarell@wmich.edu ) The paper, however should be submitted by mail directly to me at Department of Anthropology/Western Michigan University/Kalamazoo, MI 49008.  I will have to have received all lessons and the research paper   in order for you to be able to take the final examination. Feel free to contact me by email (preferred) or call me if you need any help.

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 Grading System: A= 90-100   BA= 87-89.9  B=80-86.9   CB=77-79.9  C=70-76.9  CD= 67-69.9  D=65-66.9 E= below 65.


Tap on headings below for assignments.
Research Paper Web Assignments
Lesson Assignments Interesting Web Links
Schedule:Required dates for completion of assignments. 

Lesson 1                              Introduction to Anthropology and Prehistory/The Earliest Humans
                                              1) an introduction into the multiple facets of anthropology
                                             2) the emergence of early  humans
                                              Reading: Introduction and Chapter 1
                                              Request Video: Human Origins
                                              Web:Early Human Fossils
                                               Web Assignments:

                                           From Homo Erectus to Modern Human
Lesson 2                             1) from scavenging to hunting, the emergence of  culture, ritual and
                                            2) Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon. The full development of ritual,
                                              symbolism, and art.
                                            Reading: Chapters 2, 3
                                             Recommended:Animations: Basics of Stone Tool Manufacture
                                             (read the instructions for downloading the shockwave plug-in)
                                            Request Video:A New Era
                                            Web: Paleolithic Rock
                                            Web Assignments:

                                           The Advent of Agriculture
  Lesson 3                            1)the beginning of a new way of  life Agriculture.  Its pre-requisites and
                                             2)The transition from hunting gathering bands to village communities.
                                                Why did it happen?
                                            Reading: Chapter 5
                                             Recommended:Animations: Basics of  Making Pottery

                                           Multiple Experiences; North American/Andean Civilization
  Lesson 4                            1)Populating the World. The American Experience: Coming to America
                                             2) North American Political Centers and Communities
                                             3)The Andean World:From El Paraiso to the Incan Empire
                                            Reading: Chapter 6, 8
                                            Request Video:Myths and the Moundbuilders (60)
                                             Web: Cahokia
                                             Web Assignments:

Lesson 5                               Mesoamerica
                                             From Olmec to  Mayan.  State and Society in Ancient Mesoamerica.
                                              Teotihuacan and Aztec Society
                                             Reading: Chapter 7
                                             Request Video: Realms
                                              Web: Olmecs
                                              Web Assignments:

 Lesson 6                              Mesopotamia, Egypt, Zimbabwe and South Asia/East Asia
                                              Early Civilizations of the Near East, Africa, Indus and China.
                                             Reading: Chapter 9. Relevant sections
                                             Request Video:  The Pyramids and the cities of the pharaohs
                                             Web:Ancient Mythology; Gilgamesh
                                             Web: Great Zimbabwe
                                             Web Assignments:        

Final Exam

The final exam will be a multiple choice test.  You are expected to arrange proctoring for the final examination.  I will have to have received all lessons and the research paper  in order for you to be able to take the final examination. Feel free to contact me by email (preferred) or call me if you need any help. Contact the Department of Distance Education at Western Michigan University for details. Phone: 616-387-4195.

Send email correspondence to  Zagarell@wmich.edu