Lost Worlds and Archaeology  

An 110


Winter Semester 2001

Allen Zagarell
Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University
Office: 127 Moore Hall
Office hours: Mon/Weds/Fri 10-11 or by appointment
email: zagarell@wmich.edu  

Required Texts:  T. Douglas Price and Gary Fineman 2001 Images of the Past. Mayfield 3rd Edition 

Course Objectives: To follow the long road of human adaptation, development and complexity through the medium of archeological research.  To appreciate the diversity of  past human experiences.  To follow the multiple paths of change of past societies.  To search for similarities and variety in the  construction of complex societies in different regions of the world. To understand some of  the methods utilized to discover those pathways.

Requirements and Expectations: Keep up with all reading and Web assignments.  Take part in all discussions. Unexcused absences from more than two classes will be penalized.   There will be three exams.  Each will be worth 25% of grade.  You will also be required to write a single reaction papers, worth 25 percent of  total grade.  Click here for information on the reaction papers.  

Please Note: ANY evidence of copying from others, or any evidence of plagiarism will lead to immediate failure. If you have any questions about appropriate uses of source materials for your papers discuss the issue with your instructor.

Exam I

Exam II

Reaction Papers

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   Jan. 9                   Week 1:                   Introduction to Course
                                                                Requirements and expectations
                                                               Introduction to Web
                                                               a brief introduction to the Web and navigating the course.   

Introduction to Anthropology and Prehistory
       an introduction into the multiple facets of anthropology

Jan. 14-16           Week 2:

Introduction to Anthropology and Prehistory
       an introduction into the multiple facets of anthropology


    Introduction to Prehistory
    The Earliest Humans
    T he emergence of  humans
   Reading:  Chapter 1,2
   Web:Early Human Fossils

Jan   21 MLK Convocation

Jan 23              
                                            Reading: Chapters 3
                                            Film: Lucy and the First Family
                                            Recommended: Basics of Stone Tool Manufacture

Jan 28-30                            Homo Erectus to Modern Humans

 Sept 17-21          Week 4: Homo Erectus, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon. The full development of ritual, symbolism, and art.
Reading: Chapters 4
   Film:A New Era (55)
                                            Web: Paleolithic Rock Art
                                            Reaction Paper : To be handed in this week

Feb. 4-6             Week 5:          Modern Humans Continued
Reaction Paper : To be handed in this week

Feb. 11-13              Exam I

  Week  6:          The Advent of Agriculture
                                            the beginning of a new way of  life Agriculture.  Its pre-requisites and
                                            consequences. The transition from hunting gathering bands to village
                                            communities. Why did it happen?
                                            Reading: Chapter 6
                                            Recommended: Basics of Making Pottery
                                            Reading: Chapter 7
                                            Populating the World. The American Experience: Coming to America

  Feb. 20-22 Week 7:         North America
                                            Multiple Experiences
                                           North American
                                           Political Centers and Communities
                                           Reading: Reread Chapter 7
                                           Film: Myths and the Moundbuilders (60)
                                           Web: The Great Kiva  


  Feb. 25-27          Week 8: Mesoamerica
                              From Olmec to  Mayan.  State and Society in Ancient Mesoamerica
                                           Teotihuacan and Aztec Society
                                             Reading: Chapter 8
                                             Film: Realm
                                             Web: Teotihuacan
                                             Web: Olmec

Mar. 4-8 Semester Break

 Mar. 11-13           Week 9: Andean Civilization
                                            From El Paraiso to the Incan Empire
                                             Reading: Chapter 9
                                             Film: Inca
                                             Reaction Paper : To be handed in this week

  Mar. 18-20     Week 10: Exam Two
                                     Mesopotamian Civilization
                                            Reading: Chapter 10. Relevant sections
                                             Web:Ancient Mythology; Gilgamesh
                                             Web:The City of Nippur

  Mar. 25-27           Week 11: South Asia/East Asia
                                              Emphasis on  the Indus and Chinese Civilizations.  Two Early Asian Civilizations.
                                              Reading: Chapter 10
                                              Film: Harappan Civilization
                                              Web: Indus Civilization; an exhibit

  April 1-3        Week 12: African Civilizations
                                         Egypt and Zimbabwe

Reading: Chapter 10
Film:  The Pyramids and the cities of the pharaohs
Web: Great Zimbabwe       

 April 8-12               Week 13: Europe
                                              European Civilizations
                                              Reading: Chapter 11
                                              Film:Black Athena

 April 15-19          Week 14: European Civilizations
                                              The Rise of  Greek City-States
                                              Reading: Chapter 10

Drawing Conclusions about Lost Worlds
Reading: In Conclusion.
 Reaction Paper : To be handed in at BEGINNING of this  week

Web: Ancient Greek Life

Final Exam    

Last Week's Lecture 


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