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An 110

Lost Worlds and Archaeology


Allen Zagarell

Winter Semester 1997

1) Early Humans assignment: Tap on link. You must read the sections on Hominid Species and, to a lesser extent Hominid Fossils. I recommend your reading the Creationist Argument section, but it is not required.


2) Paleolithic Rock Art: Tap  visit the  cave.  Look at the decorations and  symbols.


3) The Great Kiva: Explore the Kiva. Use the 3d capability if your server has that capability, otherwise look at slides. Tap the Chaco Anasazi link on the bottom left for a map of the Anasazi region. Also read the section on the archaeological description of Chetro Ketl.

Cahokia:  Visit the Satellite View, Information on the Stockade, and Information on Woodhenge

4) Olmec/Aztecs: Simply read the Olmec Site .

Teotihuacan: Read the Intro, Ave of the Dead through to the Ciudela section.

5) Gilgamesh/Nippur: Read the section on the Epic of Gilgamesh. Nippur: look at the Map of Mesopotamia. Then look at the plan of the site (fig.2).  Look at the photo of the ziggurat of Enlil (fig.3).  Read the text of the main page through (Robertson 1992).


6)Ancient Indus Society:  Visit the two pages. Just take a look at the illustrations of objects and remains from the Indus.


7)Zimbabawe: Read the section.


8)Megaliths: View all the Monuments from Wiltshire.

8)Greek Life: Look at Daily Life.  Look at furnishings, Women's Life, Men's Life.




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