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An 110
Lost Worlds and Archaeology

Allen Zagarell
An110 Distance Course 1999

1) Early Humans assignment: Tap on link. You must read the sections on Hominid Species and Hominid Fossils. I recommend your reading the Creationist Argument section, but it is not required.

2) Paleolithic Society and Rock Art: Read the Asian Times article.  Rock Art: Tap on the link. Follow the links dealing with Chauvet cave. Look at the pictures.

3) Cahokia: Take the site tour and map.  The tap on view mound list by name. Go to Monk's mound.  Read the relevant material. Then return to site tour and map. Look at section on the stockade and the section on woodhenge.

4) Olmec/Aztecs: Simply read the Olmec Site.  At the Aztec site visit the Introduction ,  Social Organization and Teotihuacan sections. Feel free to look at the other sections, but you are not required to do so.

5) Gilgamesh/: Read the section on the Epic of Gilgamesh.

 6)Zimbabawe: Read the section.

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