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ANIMATIONS: The following animations were created on Director 6and 7. They are experimental educational animations.   All the drawings and animations were done by me.  I must apologize for the somewhat amateurish renderings.  I am not a graphic artist.  Nevertheless, I hope these animations are entertaining and useful. Please contact me with any comments or suggestions.

I strongly recommend that you set your  screem  to 800x 600 and your colors to 16 bits, otherwise the screen will be too small for the animations.

None of the following will take more than 2 minutes to begin running with a 28.8 modem. 

Getting the Plug-in:You will need macromedia's shockwave plug-in to view these animations.  You can receive the necessary plug-in from Macromedia.  Click on the icon to download shockwave..

Click here after the Shockwave installer has completed. You do not need to restart your browser.Should you have any problems uploading the animations below, it might help to uncheck the java box in your Browser preference section. 


A short film depicting the concept of stratigraphy in archaeological excavations. 

Basics of Making Pottery  NEWLY REDONE
A short film dealing with the conditions which gave rise to pottery  in various regions, and with some of the basic techniques of pottery production. 

Analyzing Pottery: A Basic Understanding   NEWLY REDONE
The companion animation to the Basics of Making Pottery.  A short film dealing with some of the ways by which archaeologists analyze pottery. 

Basics of Stone Tool Manufacture  NEWLY REDONE
A short film dealing with the basics of stone tool production from the Lower Paleolithic to the Neolithic. 


A short film dealing with the basics of metal production and craftsmanship. 

Interactive Environmental Map  New
A simple interactive map emphasizing how understanding the various environments in a region matters.


A short film suggesting that archaeological objects represent more than the materials out of which they are constructed and the techniques utilized to produce them. They have "meaning".


A short film which deals with the critical role of space in cultural and archaeological contexts, on an intra and inter-site basis.

Looking at Rock Art     in construction
A short  3D film highlighting some difficulties in interpreting rock art.  I utilize a section of a rock painting from the Nilgiri Hills of South India.  It suggests the role of  interpretative analysis in dealing with such art.

Just for Kids:
 The Prehistory Story
A film made expressly for kids, giving a short picture of human development from human emergence to state society as seen through the eyes of Wolfie and Birdie.

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