Bakhtiari Archaeological Finds II


Late Chalcolithic Materials/The Site of Sharak:

All heights and distances in meters 
Sharak as seen from northeast 

This small, multi-period site in the center of the Shahr-e Kord plain contained large amounts of lower Mesopotamian pottery (bevel-rim bowls, crude trays and lugged vessels) as well as vessels typical of the Central Plateau (Sialk III 6-7b related). Both groups appear to be intrusions within the Bakhtiari region and may represent serial attempts at outposts on a major route connecting the Central Plateau and Khuzestan. Note that this suggests that the Sialk-related attempt precedes the Mesopotamian intrusion. 

Late Uruk-like Pottery 
Late Sialk III-like materials

Painted wares considerably different than the Bakun-like pottery common in the Bakhtiari region. The ware and motifs more closely match those of the late Sialk III traditions. 

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