Thematic Focus of the

    Archaeology Component 

Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University
Archaeology Faculty:

Archaeology Course Offerings:

2000 Archaeological Field School

Theoretical Interests:

As a component of a General M.A. program in Anthropology,

Methodology and Techniques:

This theoretical framework can be operationalized by employing logical derivative models and a wide range of new archaeological and post-processual methods and analytical techniques.


Areas of Interest:

We propose to use our theoretical and methodological orientation to explore a number of geographical and topical interests that we, the archaeology faculty, share. These include :

Toward these ends, Western Michigan University has conducted an annual archaeological field school for 22 consecutive years. The field school has been used to explore the archaeological records of prehistoric Native Americans in southwest Michigan, the material lives of early pioneers in nearby Calhoun County, and the emergence of social ranking in central Arkansas. Analysis of the materials derived from these investigations is ongoing and they provide the opportunity for students to gain hands on lab experience working with the collections.

Internet Archaeological Resources:

For Information on the Archaeology Program at Western Michigan University write to:

Dr. William Cremin   
Dr. Michael Nassaney
Dr. Allen Zagarell     

or apply to                            The Director of Graduate Studies
                                             Department of Anthropology
                                             Western Michgan University
                                             Kalamazoo, MI 49008 

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