Allen Zagarell  Office hours: Mon 1-3/Weds 1-3 or by appointment         Spring 2010                           Moore Hall 109 

Course Goals:To give insights into major forms of  social inequality, the varied dynamics of these systems, archaeological manifestations of them and the forms, limits and consequences of resistance carried out by subordinated groups.

Requirements: Do all readings BEFORE the days they are discussed. participate in  all discussions.  Write a 8 page paper on an approved topic related to the course. The paper is worth 25 points of grade. You will be expected to give a brief report on your paper topic. There will also be three exams during the semester.  Each will be worth  25 points. 


Readings: Texts; The Anthropology of the State (eds. Sharma/Gupta) 2007 (State)

Archaeology of Colonial Encounters (ed. Gil Stein) 2004 (Col)
Other readings will be put on the library electronic reserve .


Jan. 11   Week 1:: Introduction/handing out materials
       13   Introduction Anthropology/ to Inequality/Approaches to be taken/forms of inequalities
  Rdgs:  Stein: 3-33 (Col);

 Jan. 18  Week 2: Martin Luther King Day. No Class

20    Film (Class)

Rdgs: Dietler: 33-69 (Col)

 Jan 25 Week 3: ; Approach to  Archaeological Materials; Objectivity and the  archeological record     
 Rdgs:   Kehoe 23-33; Said xxx; Abrams 112-130 (State)

 Critical Anthropology/Archaeology/Feminist Archaeology
Rdgs: Patterson LID 307-321;  Gero and Conkey 1991


Feb. 1 Week 4:  Film

 Forms of Exploitation: Forms of Resistance, Concept of a Mode of Production
Wolfe 1982 71-100; Gramsci 71-86 (State)   

Have an approved paper topic.   

Feb. 8 Week 5:  Concept of Egalitarian Societies, Caste/Concept of Class
 Caste-based inequalities; the concept of caste, ritual support
 The Concept of Class
Rdgs:St. Croix 1981:31-98,         

Caste-based inequalities; the concept of caste, ritual support
Rdgs: Kolenda 1978, Chs. 2-4

Feb. 15   Week 6   Exam I

Feb. 17 Film 

Feb.22  Week 7:    The Political Economy of Slave and Feudal Societies

 economy, social structure and family
Rdgs: Terray 1975:85-135;   Anderson 1978 147-173



Mar. 8 Week 8   Capitalist Society Relations
 Rdgs:HAC Ch. 1-2; Marx: Value, Price and Profit

Mar. 15  Week 9:   Capitalist Society Relations (Continued)

Redgs:  Lutz: 291-309 (State)

Ethnicity/the State and inequality
Rdgs: HAC Ch. 4-6 

Mar. 22 Week 10:   Exam II



Mar. 29  Week 11:   Comparative Colonialism
Rdgs:  Stein: 143-172 (Col); Alcock:297-331 (Col)


April 5 Week 12    Comparative Colonialism

Rdgs: Altroy: 263-296 (Col)


April 12 Week 13:  Nation Building
Rdgs: Nation Ch 11-13;  Coutin 310-335 (State)           

Hand in Papers

April 19 give reports (should be approximately 10 minutes power-point presentation)

Final Exam   April 27  Tuesday 12:30

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