Archaeology of Civilization
AN 306

Web Assignments

Aristotle:  Read book 1 Parts I-V

Plato  Read Book 1 Do a search for the phrase “Because you fancy that the shepherd” then continue reading till the section Glaucon-Socrates.

Machiavelli: Read entire section

Kautilya1 and 2: In each read the entire section

Confucius: Read entire section

Legalism: Read entire section

Rousseau1: Read entire

Rousseau2: Read Book 1 The First Societies through to the Civil State

Engels: Read first 2 paragraphs of chapter 3, then chapter 4; search for phrase “as men originally made their exit” and read that and the next paragraph


Codexes: Read entire

Gilgamesh: Read Entire

Mesopotamian Writing: Read entire

Indus:             1)Tour: Read and travel Kenoyer's Tour

Egypt Read entire section about priests and the section on the pyramids.

China: Read sections on the Urumchi mummies and the Qin clay statues

Greece: Visit Mycenae and look at all the pictures. Read the entire section on Mycenean social organization

Central America: Read the entire section on the Olmec and look at the major architecture from Teotihuacan