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The Lives and Times of me and my family

The Zagarells

Mom and Dad

Rose (Ludmar) and Joseph Zagarell (born Zagarella)
She from a small farm in Connecticutt. He from Messina, Sicily.
"Never Be Ashamed. It is Working People Like Us Who Built this Country "
They both would tell me.
Trade Unionists, Active in the movement for Civil Rights, and Peace

My Wife's (Laura's) Mom and Dad


Claude Austin, American Jazz Pianist, who left the United States to escape U.S. racism. He became a well known performer in Brazil, making records and playing in the Copacobana. Her mother Laura Oliveira Austin, a wise and courageous woman, raised four excellent daughters after her husband's death.

My Wife and Daughter

My wife Laura (Laurinha), whose heart still resides in her land of birth, Brazil, her sister Claudia, in the background, and my daughter Bianca. Bianca plays volleyball at Hackett, and was a member of the football team at South Middle School and on the Loy Norrix freshman squad.

Winter In Michigan


Me with the snowblower. At the Battle Creek International Festival of Lights and Christmas decorations at our home.

My Mom's and Dad's Families


Growing Up My Brother and I

On The Streets of New York


Experiencing the World

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