Archaeology of Gender Syllabus

Anthropology 500

Allen Zagarell Spring Semester 2004 
Department of Anthropology Office:Moore 1023
Office hours:

Requirements: :Do all readings before they are to be discussed in class. Take active part in all discussions. There will be two exams, mid-term and final, and a major paper each worth 30% of the final grade. An oral presentations will additionally be required; A 20 minute discussion of one's term paper.   This report combined with active class participation will represent 10% of final grade.  

Readings:   Two required texts.
Sarah Milledge Nelson   Gender in Archaeology 1997 Altamira Press. (Mil 1)
Sarah Milledge Nelson and Myriam Rosen-Ayalon 2002 Altamira Press (Mil 2)

 Bibliography: can be found here.  

Objectives: The goal of this course is to raise to consciousness the centrality of the concept of Gender for archeology. We will explore the multi- faceted ways it manifests that centrality for the understanding of the archeological record. The literature will provide insights into what gender consciousness can offer archaeology and suggest how further progress can be made. 


 Jan. 6                                           Short Introduction
                                                      Available Resources (on line Resources)
                                                      Distributing Reports and Assignments
                                                                 Yahoo's Gender Related Web Sites/and Discussion Groups
                                                                 Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World

Jan. 13                                          What is Gender/Why is Gender. Consciousness Important

                                                       Readings: Mil 1 Ch. 1
Scott 1986  

                                                        Film: A Small Happiness 

Jan. 20                                             Gender/a social relation Gender/Class/Ethnicity     
                                                       Readings: Brumfilel 1994
                                                                         Mil 2 Ch. 6, 7
                                                                         Begin Mil 1 Ch. 2

Jan. 27                                         The Feminist Archaeological Critique/ Multiple Voices

                                                                         Conkey and Gero 1991
                                                                        Mil 2 Ch. 9
4 Butte 1

Feb. 3                                                Gender and the Field

                                                      Readings: Victor and Beaudry 1992
                                                                        Conkey and Williams 1991

                                                                        Mil 1 Ch. 3

Feb. 10                                         Reinterpreting the Arch. Record

           Readings:Spector 1991   
                                                                     Mil 1 Ch. 4
                                                     Biological Explanations
                                                      Readings: Sperling, S. 1991

Feb. 17                                           Labor Division/Prehistory

                                                    Readings:  Mil 1 Ch. 5
                                                                         Mil 2 11, 12         
                                                           Film Cave Dweller
                                                          Reports on BBS/data sources

Feb. 24                                                Mid-term Exam


Semester Recess


Mar. 9                                              Emergence of Agriculture/Spatial Relationships
                                                            Readings:  Mil 1 101-111  
                                                                              Jackson 1991
                                                                              Mil 2 Ch. 8, 13

Mar. 16                                              Craftwork
                                                          Readings: Brumfiel 1991
                                                                           Wright  TBA
                                                                           Costin TBA 

Mar. 23                                             More on the Division of Labor
                                                          Readings:  Mil 1 Ch. 6
                                                                             Mil 2 Ch. 8

Mar. 30                                             Gender after Death / Larger Community
                                                         Readings:  Mil 1 Ch. 7   
                                                                            Mil 2 Ch. 14
                                                                            Pollock 1991                                                                       

April 6                                               Ideology and Gender
                                                         Readings:  Mil 1 Ch. 8
                                                                             Mil 2 Ch. 3,4,6

April 13                                              Paper Reports/Summary/Values
  Mil 1 Ch. 9

                                                        (papers to be handed in)

Final Exam   

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