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Anthropology 210

Introduction to Archaeology

Western Michigan University

All participants will be given permanent membership in a group. All assignments will be carried out as a member of that group. View the specific links below for information regarding each of the class labs. Have fun!

Special Thanks to Renee Lutes-Kurtzweil, my Graduate Teaching Assistant for helping me design several of the Lab Modules. 

 Lab Sections

Instructions: Whenever questions are asked, either in the animations or text, ANSWER THEM to your satisfaction at home. You may be quizzed on the questions. I will discuss your answers in class.

Introductory Lab: Dealing with Maps

Lab 1: Dealing with Typology, Stratigraphy and Excavation

Lab 2: Dealing with Pottery

Lab 3: Lithics

Lab 4: Metallurgy

Lab 5: Faunal and Plant Analysis

Lab 6: Spatial Analysis (Examining Architecture)

Lab 7: Examining Social Identities. Class, Gender and Ethnicity.

Lab 8: Symbolism (to be viewed at home only)

Lab 9: Spatial Analysis (Intersite Relationships)

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