Creating Types and Understanding Stratigraphy

Lab 1

Introduction to Archaeology

Creating Types/Sorting Data

Lab 1A

A key to archaeological analysis is organizing information in a form which makes it utilizable for further study and examination. One aspect of such organization is to classify and group objects into "types". Examine the box of nails given to your group. Create types in order to classify and group the various sorts of nails found in your box. Note length (the original) of the nail, head and point shapes, potentially color or materials. Ask yourself why did the builders working at this site use these different "types" of nails. Ask what these different types might be reflecting.

Understanding Stratigraphy

Before carrying out this section of the assignment, please look at the animation dealing with stratigraphy.

Examine the various bags given to your group. Each major bag represents a trench and the smaller bags within represent the various strata in that trench. Do not mix the "finds". Examine each bag sequentially. Note the sketch of the site below and the various trenches corresponding to your bags. Answer the following sets of questions.

o ldentify how many soil layers are present in each pit- Using the artifacts provided identify what layers are older and what ones are newest. why?

o Classify the objects according to their type, shape. and raw materials based on what you know about technological advancements in our Culture

o Is there a change of artifacts, form, or raw materials that might reflect changing technology?

o Propose activities that may have taken place to create this site.

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