Questions 1-3

AN 210


Readings Week 1:

1)What is Anthropology? What are its major subdivisions and what are their areas of competency? (Define and explain each of the sub-divisions; pay particular attention to the realm and role of archeology)

2)What is Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism?

3)What do we mean by hypothesis and testing an hypothesis? Can archeology be "scientific"? What do we mean by that? 

Readings Week 2:

1)What is meant by antiquarianism? What period, activities and interests does it refer to?

2)How did social conditions (including contemporary beliefs, changes in technology, science and important historical changes) affect the development of archeological thinking?

3)What is meant by uniformitarianism? By catastrophism? By the psychic unity of humankind? By unilinear evolutionism? 

Readings Week 3:

1)Know what are the scholarly assumptions of the Culture History School. Why did the Culture History School emerge? What is meant by a normative model of culture?

2)Who is Julian Steward? What are his contributions to archeological thinking? What is meant by multilinear evolution? What was Taylor's conjunctive approach and how did it differ from the Culture History School? 3)What is the Processual Method? What is the Hypothetico-Deductive Method? Who is Lewis Binford?

4)What is meant by Post-processual Archeology? How does it differ from Processual approaches? What are its major concerns? 

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