Reaction Papers

For AN 110

Lost Worlds and Archaeology

Allen Zagarell

Fall 2001

Reaction papers are papers dealing with one of the course topics for that third of the course. The paper itself should be approximately three written pages in length, double spaced. The  paper constitutes 25% of total grade. Reaction papers should discuss the relevance of the subject for an understanding of prehistory. What is the significance of the material, region, or problem you are discussing? Does it give us broader insights into an understanding of the world? How does it relate to earlier materials and problems discussed in class or in class materials? The paper should be both academic AND personal, imparting your insights into these materials. There are three posted dates for reaction papers. If you deal with a subject it should be written during its appropriate third of the semester.  You are only required to hand in one paper. You are free to choose among the three.  However, I will not accept late papers.

Feel free to ask questions about the assignment in class. 

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