Colligate Objective
I came to WMU on a whim. I was origionally suppose to Lake Superior State University for Environmental Studies. My Grandpa guiled me into coming to WMU because it's much closer to home. I came to Western pursuing a degree in Social Work because I love to help people. Everything was going great, but then I applied to the program and didnt get in. It was heartbreaking but I took it as an opportunity to reevaluate life. I could've reapplied in October 2014 for the Social Work program, I decided it might not be for me. I jumped head first into the Pre-Business program and so far I'm loving it.
Overall I would love to find my calling in life and also continue to help people on my way. The homeless population and the disabled population are two areas I hold dear to my heart. I would love to one day maybe open a facility to aid in helping one or both of these poulations. Open a shelter where the homeless have acess to a phone, when a job calls back for an interview or to offer the job, they have a reliable phone to find out. Provide showers and things for them to keep their apperance up, maybe even business attire they can wear for said interview.
The disabled population is also near to my heart and I would love to open a center or school where they can come and learn without being bullied by the everyday children in public schools. This happens all too often, but the one thing people dont understand is that they are people too. 
My goals here at WMU are to obtain the highest GPA possible for myself, and to excell and make connections to the outside business world. I know I just talked a lot about where I want to go with my MBA but I have also fallen in love with CIS and Marketing on my journey. I'm not sure where life will take me, but so far I'm enjoying the ride, and I know that no matter what i'll end up exactly where i need to be.