Some Research About My Future!
I've recently changed my major for Social Work to Business. I went in head first and had no idea what I was getting myself into. As a Junion here at WMU it's not ideal to change after three years but I did it. Now i'm not exactly sure where I want to go or what I want to do with business. So far I'm loving CIS and marketing.
I've always wanted to travel and get out there in the world. I've never been outside of the United States, unless you count Canada, so i'd love to go somewhere new and see how life is. According to The Pioneer, in an article published in January, the job market in New Delhi, India will be expanding by upwards of 54,000 jobs. All sectors will be looking for people to bring in because India's economy is so fastly gowing. Their Information Technology sector is growing. It will reach roughly 30 million employees within the next 5 years. I would love to use my computer knowledge to help them expand and become a better developed country. I could also use marketing at the same time i'm doing CIS in India, if thats where I choose to reside. Marketing obviously varies from country to courntry, from culture to culture. I did some research on how marketing varies among cultures. America is always trading with other countries, international trade is a huge thing. I could be in one country, India, for instance and market for The United States in selling them new things that they may or may not need. Bringing money into my home country while helping a developing country with new technologies, clothing, and other things they may want. I could even help The United States with their importing from India. I love to help people and get them the most bang for their buck. A lot of people think marketing is just about selling someone bull crap they dont need, but since I love to help people and see them better themselves, I would do my best to help and sell them items they can actually use and wont be a waste of their hard earned money.
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