Collegiate Objective 

I came to college for a few reasons. When I get out of college I would like to have a job that know how to do well, and that I enjoy going to everyday. I believe that a college degree can help me get there. On a more personal note, I have two pretty big dreams that I would like to accomplish. First off, I would like to have a loving family. I always thought that a person's relationship with their family always decided whether or not he was rich or not. my second goal is to drive over 200 miles per hour on the German Autobahn. To do that, I would of course have to own a car that can go over 200 miles per hour which means I might need to make a little bit of money. I feel like college is the best way for me to do both, because their are plenty of chances to start a relationship here, and also with a degree I can make some money.

Right now I am going for a buisness degree looking more specifically at a sales and marketing major. I hope to achieve this degree in 4 years, with hopefully getting a GPA of a 3.25 or better. I would like to hold myself to this standard because in High School I did not give my best efforts. With Colllege, I was able to get a fresh start, and now I have changed my slacking ways. I really enjoy Western Michigan University because I feel like it is a good fit for me. I am currently unsure what I want to do after College, whether it be get a Masters degree, or find myself a new career.