MINI and BMW Marketing

Marketing is affecting everyone’s life almost every day. It is basically the strategy behind how a certain company is presented. I enjoy being behind the strategy of things, which is why I chose to have marketing be my major. I also enjoy the automobile industry which is why I would love to be one of the marketing directors of a car company like BMW or MINI. I feel like I would bring the most people into the dealerships by putting out some of the best commercials, and just overall putting special events. I really enjoy what BMW and MINI do because for one, I have owned a Mini Cooper and loved and, and second off, they have a better marketing strategy than all of the other companies.

            What’s pretty cool about BMW and MINI is that they are taking a whole new approach when it comes to campaigning the ultimate driving machines (BMW’s slogan). BMW has participated in less car shows because the market at car shows is way too busy (Collings, 1). They have started to hold their own events and bring people in where they have 100% of the audience’s attention not 10%. For example, when the Mini Cooper Coupe launched, it actually launched. They had an event where they actually had a brand new Mini Cooper Coupe strapped up to a rocket ship. That is one of the most creative things anyone can think of because if you make a big event, people will remember it. I like how with BMW and MINI, you aren’t buying just a car, you are buying a brand.

            When it comes to buying a car, you want to know what extra features you get. Let’s say if you buy a Toyota or a Mazda, you enjoy the car a lot, but that’s just about as far as it goes. With BMW, you actually get add-ons. BMW will keep offering you gifts, and treat you like you’re an actual customer who dropped a nice chunk of money on one of their cars. Just recently they came out with an app for smartphones that lets drivers all over America type in their favorite routes to drive their cars (Lowell, 1). If you own a BMW, then you can log into this app and find out which spot is the best to show off your M5’s powerful V8, or which spot is the best to take your classy convertible, the Z4, on drive to the beaches down in Florida.

            The reason I would love to work for a company like MINI or BMW is because they get so much praise. If you honestly ask anyone, they will have something good to say about either BMW or MINI, that is if they aren’t a Mercedes-Benz driver. But MINI has been considered a Marketing Marvel. In 2001, the MINI name was bought out by BMW. It has been a while since mini has actually been current, but in 2002, MINI came out with the Cooper which held its original appearance, and just modernized it (McAleer, 1). They also added a very nice technology upgrade to the Cooper as well which made BMW buying MINI one of the greatest marketing decisions of all time, in my opinion. Since BMW has Added MINI to the group, BMW’s business has gone up drastically. BMW pretty much set the standard of taking an old car and modernizing its which is why I want to work for BMW or MINI when I get my Marketing Degree.



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