Favorite Links


http://www.youtube.com  - Not only is this website silly videos and short installations of shows and movies, you can also use it as a teaching device! It comes in handy and can often help you clear up questions you had in lecture and didn't get to ask. Extremely underrated in my opinion due to the fact that not that many people think to use it as a learning tool.


http://www.pandora.com - I like to use this website while studying or writing a paper. It is a free music radio that picks songs based on music you pick out, which comes in handy so you're not flipping back and fort between your work and music every few minutes.


http://www.thesaurus.com - This is a great website to help liven up papers with a more expansive vocabulary. It is also great for presentations and really anything that has to do with any spoken language. It is also great that using it while writing papers isn't counted as cheating.