Anna Oswalt's Final Exam


There are a few steps I would take to increase the scannability of my website. One would be to make sure to break up the text into smaller paragraphs. No one likes reading long lengthy texts, let alone on the computer screen so breaking up the text will help with that. Another thing I would do it use bulleted lists whenever possible. This helps the eyes directly focus on those topics instead of losing them in line by line text. With my public relations background, I would also place the information in an inverted pyramid style so the most important information is on the top with the less important information on the bottom. This way if someone things my text is too long and they don’t feel like reading all of it, at least they will get some good information from what they do read in the beginning. Another way to increase scannability is to make sure the background behind the text is not too busy, or just a plain color that doesn’t wash out the text. Making the text bold or in a readable font like Times New Roman or Calibri also helps with scannability.