Anna Oswalt's Final Exam


Three things I would do to optimize my search engines would be to submit my URL, make sure my site is linked from other sites that are already indexed by Google, and make sure to make a title for my website. The first step is self-explanatory, to have a website, you need a URL. For anyone to know you have a website you have to submit a URL. Because the Internet is so big and there are already so many great website out there that are pretty similar to yours, why re-invent the wheel? Simply link your sites to similar sites so when someone searches for something your website will appear with all of them. This is also nice so if someone looks up a website, not looking for yours, but sees yours as a result, that helps you. Plus, key words make your website more accessible to people on Google. The last step is almost the most important one. If you don’t give your website a title, it will go onto Google as an untitled website so it will be harder to find.