Collegiate Objective

On a personal level, I am entering college in order to attain a degree that will allow me to be successful in the world today.  Along with core classes, being at college teaches you so much more.  You learn to live on your own, manage money, and manage time.  College helps answer questions such as What am I going to do with the rest of my life?  Who do I want to spend my life with?  How will I support a family? and Where do I want to live eventually?  I know that I am not perfect and will make many mistakes along the way in college, but I have great friends and family that will help me along the way.  I hope that I can become a better me and learn to live a successful.

On a professional level, I want a business degree that will allow me to get a good job.  More importantly, I want to go pro in soccer.  Playing Division 1 College Soccer has taught me so many things that will make me a better business man if that is what my life has in store for me, but I would love to be able to play professional soccer.  Although I want to play soccer for a living, I know injuries are a huge factor as well as just making a pro team, therefore, I still have very lofty academic goals such as maintaining above a 3.6 gap and never getting below a B in a class.  I hope my work ethic that I learned from sports will help me in the business world and I will look to get involved and network with people throughout my four years here.  I will never let myself fail, a setback is just the making of a great comeback.