Accounting in Sports

This article is based on economic impact of professional’s sports in Colorado.  While the Denver Broncos football team is clearly the most popular, they are not the most economically important.  The Broncos were valued at $1.13 Billion dollars while he Colorado Rockies were valued at $537 million, the Denver Nuggets at $427 million, and the Colorado Avalanche at $210.  The team’s values are based upon factors such as popularity and prosperity of the league, broadcasting rights, licensing agreements, and league-wide revenue sharing.  These values do not have much to do with the impact on the city where they play.  Therefore. Even though the Broncos are the favorite team, they do not have the biggest economic impact, the biggest impact goes to the Colorado Rockies.  The reason being that the Broncos only play eight regular season home games while the Rockies play close to eighty-one regular season home games.  The sheer number of games puts the Rockies on the top of the list.  Another big impact is the location of the Rockies, located in a prime spot, they bring many fans to restaurants and other local attractions around the ballpark.  The last impact comes down to cost of stadium and the Broncos stadium cost over a hundred million more than the Rockies.  These reasons are why the Rockies have the greatest economic impact in the state of Colorado.

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