Dr. Ikhlas Abdel-Qader, PE





Digital Image and Signal Processing Laboratory (DISPLAY)

(Formerly Information Technology and Image Analysis (ITIA) Center Funded by NSF)



People involved in DISPLAY.



DISPLAY is established with a focus on digital information processing. Efforts are carried out in an interdisciplinary environment with collaborating researchers from academia, national research laboratories, and industry. The research areas span all cutting edge technologies and methodologies including:

  • multimedia signal processing with an emphasis on images and sound
  • medical image analysis and medical imaging modalities
  • intelligent transportation systems
  • data visualization and data mining
  • machine vision and virtual reality
  • non-destructive evaluation techniques




DISPLAY is established with the following mission:

  • To establish a forefront of basic and applied research in all practical and theoretical aspects of information processing
  • To identify problems and develop innovative solutions in the general area of digital information-bearing signal processing
  • To provide support to faculty with research interests in computational data image analysis from all areas, thus promoting the university goals of interdisciplinary education and research
  • To create state-of-the-art environment for interdisciplinary graduate training and research in image analysis and data visualization
  • To integrate courses related to image analysis and data visualization into research
  • To promote research education to undergraduate students