Class Analysis

This paper, which when revised will appear as part of your final project, offers you an opportunity to drawing on our reading from Foucault and Marxist educational critics and think carefully about the political, historical, social, and cultural position and impact of the class you are teaching (or plan to teach). Use specific examples to illustrate your ideas. I would think you would need a minimum of four pages to begin to explore this topic.

Consider questions such as:

  1. How is your class situated in the overall educational, economic, and political structure of our society?
  2. How do curriculum and instruction in the class you teach support or contradict the "correspondence principle"?
  3. How do the traits, skills, and/or knowledges your class fosters connect to the broader social order?
  4. Is there a "hidden curriculum" addressing race, class, or gender?
  5. In regard to these questions, what aspects of your class would you like to change? Why? How?
  6. What response might your students / institution / community have to changes in the class you teach? How could you respond?

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