Curriculum Transformation

This short paper gives you a chance to focus on how you would like to transform the curriculum of the class you are teaching. The assignment does not assume that your current curriculum is "bad," but that it can, like all curriculum, be improved, perhaps dramatically. This paper can be a center piece in your final project, and should be, at this point, about five pages.

We have thought about cultural studies and literary theory, and their emphasis on thematic, historical, theoretical, and critical approaches. We have also examined textbooks, anthologies, and canons, as well as state and national curriculum standards at the secondary level, and some of the institutional forces that influence curriculum decision making.

Begin by assuming that you have the freedom and resources to create an ideal curriculum for your class.

  • What would an ideal curriculum be?
  • How would it help students become more historically and culturally informed and better global citizens?
  • How will you help students become better and more enthusiastic readers?
  • How will the curriculum combine literary texts with other material, including film and popular culture, historical and cultural materials, internet resources, etc?
  • How will your curriculum address state and national standards? Existing course expectations?
  • What additional reading and research do you need to do to prepare this curriculum?
  • What steps will you need to take to make this curriculum a reality?

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Revised Date: 1/10