Food Curriculum




Children of the Harvest


The Harvest / La Cosecha



Black Gold


Bananas! On Trial for Malice 


Food Inc

King Corn


Super Size Me


Dive!  A documentary about America's food waste problem, directed by Jeremy Seifert
This documentary provides an entirely different perspective than Food, Inc:  perfectly-good food (sometimes organic!) that goes to waste.  With a viewing time of under 60 minutes, this film is sure to bring awareness and provoke discussion about America's throwaway culture.

"Starved by the Bell" from Jon Stewart's Daily Show
This short clip from Jon Stewart explains the new USDA school lunch requirements while poking fun at those who complain that they are still hungry.  Students can also discuss the elements of an effective argument:  is Stewart believable?  Why/how is Stewart funny?  How does he use  humor to make his point?

Big Night
Babette’s Feast
Like Water for Chocolate
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Julie and Julia
Eat Drink Man Woman
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
I Am Love
Food, Inc
Fast Food Nation
Forks Over Knives
The Hunters
A Farmer in Africa: Property Rights
A Place at the Table
Cooking by Heart: Domi et Cyril Sarthe’s Gnocchi with Spinach Sauce
Fast Food
Food Chains
The Hidden Cost of Hamburgers
How to Feed the World?
King Corn
Myth of Choice: Is Jun Food What We Really Crave?
Nokia, HK Honey
The Garden
The Price of Sugar
The Scarecrow