Food Curriculum


Food "Ted Talks"
For Teachers and Students Studying Food

(Created by WMU English 1100 Students)


"Food Security," Matt Campbell

"Food Literature and Personal Choices," Courtney Dooley

"Volunteering at Food-Based Organizations," Claire Fonow

"Should We Use Hunger Games in Educational Settings?" Ivana Garcia

"Oral Health and Good Food," Alexandra Hensen

"Slaughterhouse Comparisons," Lyndsie Hosang

"Addressing Poverty," Anita Johnson

"Food and Athletes," Kelsey Kavulich

"Where Does Our Food Come From?" Aaron Keyser

"Teaching Children About a Healthier Lifestyle," Sara Lee

"Organic Food," Arbana Lika

"Food Waste in America," Brooklyn McLaughlin

"Child Food Insecurity," Sarah Mead

"Chicken Production in America," Laura Mullen

"Food and Baseball," Dan Shutes

"Food and Film," Lexie Sittsamer

"Food Inequality" by Danny Sloan

"Food Waste," Karleann Stankiewicz

"Food and Film" by Joseph Starr

"Rethinking Our Diet," Kiara Tennille

"Water Inequality," Anthony Trobeck

"Desensitization from Video Games," Casey Watts

"Hunger in Our Community," Jordan Weck

"Eating Meat" by Kate Weston

"Food: An Interdisciplinary Subject," Austin Wordell

"Food Issues," by Joshua Wright