Fast Facts


Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

 • Becquerel discovered photovoltaics in 1839 [1]

 • The first practical solar cell was produced by Bell Labortories during the 1950s[2]

 • By the 1960s photovoltaics were used for satellite applications [1]

 • Another period of growth occured during the 1970s due to an energy crisis [1]

 • The current market for photovoltaics is growing 30% per year [1]

 • Solar power is desirable for people without access to reliable grid energy [2]

 • The efficiency of commercially available crystalline silicon solar cells is between 10 - 18% [2]

 • Systems utilizing multi-junction solar cells and concentrating solar power have documented higher efficiencies [3]

 • The highest efficiency for a solar device was recorded to be 40.8% [3]

 • Advancing grid technology will be necessary to sustain growth in the solar industry [3]


Solar Panel Array

 • Has 18 Suniva Solar Panels from Saginaw, MI that produce 275 Watts per panel [4]

 • The solar energy to AC Power Inverter was provided from SolarEdge [4]

 • It is approximately an 24ft x 10.5ft array [4]

 • CO2 Emission Saved: 4,749.54 kg [4]

 • Equivalent Trees Planted: 263.49 [4]

 • Light Bulbs Powered: 20,473.46 [4]


Solar Shingle Array

 • It has 45 Luma Resources Solar shingles from Rochester, MI that produce 60 Watts per shingle [5]

 • Solar Energy to AC Power Inverter supplied by SMA America [5]

 • It is approximately an 32.5ft x 9ft array [5]



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