Neatness Counts

You are expected to take pride in your work. In that vein, you should submit homework only if it looks good. Here are some suggestions for improving the overall appearance of your homework solutions.  If your work does not meet all of these requirements, then you may not receive credit for your work. Bear in mind that the goal of these rules is to achieve neatness in your written work.  Therefore, if you can imagine other ways to enhance the presentation of your work, you should apply these as well.

  • Write your name, class, section number, and date on the first page.  Write your name on every page.
  • Submit your solutions in the same order as the problems appear in the assignment.
  • Number the problems as they are numbered in the assignment.
  • Number your pages.
  • Write your solutions legibly.  Cursive writing is not allowed.
  • Do not submit solutions in a "bi-column" or "tri-column" format.  Start each solution on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Do not fold or tear any of the pages containing your solutions.
  • If you write your solutions in a spiral-bound notebook, then you must remove the rough edges.
  • Bind your pages using a staple or a paper clip.
  • Do not submit crossed-out work or any other unwanted marks.  If you make a mistake, then you must prepare another draft or erase the unwanted marks.
  • You may use a pencil to write your solutions.
  • If you use a pen to write your solutions, then you must write on only one side of each piece of paper.
  • Do not submit soiled pages.