Zome Projects
David A. Richter

The Zome System is a marvelous tool for studying geometry in two, three, four, and more dimensions. Use with caution. This stuff can be addictive....

How to build the 600-Cell
Gosset's Figure in 8 Dimensions
Parts List for H(4)-Polychora
Models of A(4)-Polychora
Triality Models
The Compound of Three 16-Cells
How to build the First Stellation of the 120-Cell
The Rectified 600-Cell
Renaissance Banff 2005
Bridges London 2006
The Great 600-Cell
The Compound of Five 24-Cells
The Compound of Fifteen 16-Cells
The Compound of Seventy-Five 16-Cells
The Final Stellation of the 120-Cell
The Desargues Configuration (requires Java)
The Hemi-Soccer Ball
Miscellaneous Models